Getting started with Linux – Linux for newbies

I was a newbie once, as a matter of fact i still am. But with Linux you’ll always be learning.If you are new to Linux or planning to try Linux you’ve made a good choice.

Why Linux?

  • Linux is awesome (That’s just a personal opinion)
  • Linux is open-source. Which means it’s free. You can read and modify it’s source code.
  • More than 70% of servers worldwide is powered by Linux.
  • Linux rules supercomputers. Almost all supercomputers use Linux.
  • Linux has more than 300 distro. So you have a vast number of option.
  • You don’t have to worry about virus anymore.
  • Works like a charm even in older machines.
  • Take control of your operating system.
  • At last FREEDOM!


Which distribution to choose?


It’s a tough decision to make. But if you’re transitioning from windows and want a friendly environment Linux mint should be fine. It has cinnamon as it’s desktop environment which gives windows like experience.

Image source :


If you have an old machine like mine you should probably choose a light weight distro. I chose Xubuntu because i like Xfce desktop environment. Lxde is also a very light-weight and beautiful desktop environment. It totally depends on you. There’s also LXQT desktop environment too.

Xubuntu desktop environment
My Xubuntu Desktop


Ubuntu’s official desktop environment unity is awesome. But i find it to be power hungry. That is the main reason why i switched from Ubuntu in the first place. I’m with Xfce and i’m happy now. But if you have a decent pc you can install Ubuntu with unity.

If you like to have windows like experience you should probably choose Kubuntu. KDE is beautiful. And with latest release of plasma it just got more awesome. KDE also have an awesome community.

Gnome is a modern desktop and it requires a minimum of 1 GB ram (i suggest a minimum of 2 GB). But if you have a good hardware you can enjoy Gnome’s features. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with an old hardware.

Elementary OS and Deepin OS:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


For all mac users who want to move to Linux i suggest elementary OS or Deepin OS. They both have custom built beautiful desktop environment and custom set of software. You’ll fall in love with them on your first try. I had some problems with elementary OS freya. My laptop battery drains very fast when i’m using freya. But Xubuntu solved all those problems(Trust me.I’m not marketing for Xubuntu).


Apart from these distro there are plenty of others. Arch linux and Gentoo are for advanced users. I’ll cover them soon in my blog. Zorin os, Solus, peppermint, are some worthy mention.


Search the blog for installation instructions. Subscribe to keep updated. Contact  me if you want anything in specific.

Sridhar S Subramanian, Technology enthusiast and a proud geek.


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