How much can you make use of WordPress HTML editor?

How much can we control wordpress?

Note: This blog is for complete beginners and non-coders. If you are a coder you might have already figured this out or you might find this boring and uninformative.

Honestly you can’t have much control with a blog but if you are hosting wordpress on your own you can do a lot of stuff with it provided you know PHP and you know what you are doing. But you can use some additional tags.

Most tags are depreciated in wordpress, but we can still use some things here like inline tags

span style="background-color: #2eccfa;

You can still use inline css to a certain extent. although you can always use WordPress tools to do that. But in-case you wanted to add background to text to distinguish something you can use this simple technique.

Whenever i wanted to demonstrate a code i use the “code” tag. Which sadly confuses wordpress sometimes and HTML tags doesn’t fit properly under code tag. It still works pretty good for other stuffs. If you read my blog you can see i’ve used this often.

Here are some other tags that works with wordpress:

article address
section video
embedd audio
strong label
hr (horizontal line) table
thead tbody
div span

You can play with it all you want. There’s absolutely no danger behind it. I always believe in this, Make a mess and learn from it.

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Author: Sridhar S Subramanian, Technology enthusiast and a proud geek.


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